Photography serves as a launching pad for various creative fields, including design and filmmaking. I purchased my first full-frame DSLR in 2007, and since then, I have endeavored to take photographs every day – whether for journalistic reports, events, travel photography, or simple family gatherings. Over time, I’ve accumulated a decent collection of gear suitable for various types of photography. My photo archive now consists of nearly a million photographs and continues to grow. Please check the links to photo stocks for more pictures that you can use freely for any type of project.


Street and travel

The most reasonable souvenir one can bring from travel is a good photo. I have travelled to four-five dozen of countries and always have the camera with me. A close friend once said, “The more you travel, the faster you grow”. I can’t disagree with that meaningful quotation and the broad perception of the world that travels provide.

Real estate photography

To sustain my photography practice, I occasionally work for Airbnb and already photographed more than a hundred properties mostly in Greater London. I’ve been travelling a lot, so the company’s philosophy to provide travellers with affordable housing is intensely close to me. Therefore this is my input to the community of people who shares a similar vision.

Virtual tours

About ten years ago, while working for a daily newspaper, we started creating 3D tours of Ukrainian museums. At that time, it required much more equipment than now – cameras that would shoot 360 degrees around their axis were not very common back then. My team and I have photographed more than 40 Ukrainian museums throughout the country for five years, but unfortunately, the Museums Online website is no longer available. Subsequently, one of the Ukrainian state institutions held exhibitions every few months, virtual tours of which are below.

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