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I’m a digital expert currently living in London. With over 13 years of professional experience in digital marketing, design and branding I led teams of up to 100 people. Together with prominent professionals we successfully released dozens of projects for government, non-profits and businesses around the globe. My expertise covers digital design, marketing, video production, photography, social media, and communications. I now working as a design and brand consultant for international development companies with HQs in the USA, Canada and the UK.



I was on a team of 3 to create and run the official accounts of Ukraine. A couple of times, Twitter @Ukraine (2+ million followers now) smashed up russian ones, and we had massive support from millions of people abroad. Hundreds of respected media wrote that Ukraine won the episode of the information war against Russian propaganda due to a series of tweets. Despite lacking resources, this case is an excellent example of how good communication skills can change the game.

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mobile apps, branding, redesign

web design





Working with various teams, I always tried to create a sustained branch for video production. Not only because it is an integral part of any digital product and advertisement but also because I always had the opportunity to grow with professionals from whom I learned a lot.

United Mining and Chemical Company advertisement

Interview with Stephen Markman

Epiphone guitar advertisement.
Assignment for Digital Media Technologies

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Photography has been my hobby since early 2000. Permanent practice is essential for all creative approaches and directly correlates with the best results in all outcomes. Therefore, I invest as much time as possible to sustain my photography practice and regularly contribute to free photo stocks, gaining millions of views and monthly downloads.

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I worked with communication teams of courts, government and public services in different countries for several years. They all have enormous potential to get better in digital communications in particular. However, in most cases, their knowledge doesn’t meet their professional needs, and they must prepare to face real challenges. My business’s educational direction focuses on building public institutions’ communication capacity. I’ve already held dozens of training courses and keep doing this, as this is a social responsibility of my business and a long-term goal, I’m committed to.

I worked with:

Office of the President of Ukraine
The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy
The Supreme Court
The Selection Commission HQCJ
The National Investment Council of Ukraine
Ukraine Crisis Media Center
Golos Political Party
UMCC Titanium
The Council of Europe

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